Gravity Conveyors

Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors
Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors
Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity Curved Skate Wheel Conveyor
Gravity Curve Skate Wheel Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors are used to convey, rotate, transport, and accumulate products using gravity and a slight amount of pitch. Gravity Conveyors are available in Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty models. We carry Roller, Skate Wheel, and Ball Transfer type Gravity Conveyors.

Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyors are typically used for fast installation and moving cases on lines or assembly areas.

Roller Gravity Conveyors are used for transporting heavier loads.

Please call 562-634-5410 for questions about the different Gravity Conveyors available.

Gravity Conveyor Load Capacites

Light duty gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors.pdf
Light duty 1.38 in. Gravity Roller Conveyors.pdf
Medium duty 1.9 in. Gravity Roller Conveyors.pdf
Heavy duty 2.5 in. Gravity Roller Conveyors.pdf


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