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Richards-Wilcox Overhead Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox Monorail Conveyors

Zig-Zag Monorail
Overhead Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox invented the original enclosed track conveyor. Using standard modular components constructed for long life, Zig-Zag overhead conveyors solve a variety of manufacturing problems. From simple in-line finishing systems to complex storage and retrieval systems, Richards-Wilcox Zig-Zag overhead conveyors are an efficient and economical solution. Zig-Zag overhead conveyors protects the products and parts, increases throughput, simplifies installation and maintenance, and maximizes floor space.

Richards-Wilcox Safe-Rail Overhead Conveyor

Safe-Rail Monorail
Overhead Conveyors

The Richards-Wilcox Safe-Rail overhead monorail conveyor System is the ideal solution for hand-push transport and storage applications. Safe-Rail overhead conveyors can be added onto at any time to build a more sophisticated power monorail or power & free conveyor system. Because of its compatibility with all other Richards-Wilcox overhead conveyors, conversion time is minimal and higher levels of productivity and efficiency are achieved almost immediately.

Richards-Wilcox Paintline Inverted Monorail Conveyors

PaintLine Inverted Monorail
Overhead Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox Inverted PaintLine overhead conveyor systems combine reliable, clean conveyor operations with the vertical flexibility made possible only through the unique design of Richards-Wilcox Inverted Pendants. Unlike a rigid pendant, the investment cast Inverted Pendant pivots forward and backward on the wheel axle to allow free rotation up to 30 degrees with no torque or wear on the chain assembly. The Richards-Wilcox PaintLine Inverted overhead conveyor system is ideal in production environments where clean operation is essential.

Richards-Wilcox Conveyors
Richards-Wilcox I-Beam Monorail Conveyors

3” & 4” I-Beam Monorail
Overhead Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox I-Beam monorail conveyor systems combine flexibility of design with heavy duty capacity. Utilizing the proven reliability of 3" and 4" I-Beam load channels, Richards-Wilcox I-Beam monorail overhead conveyors are an ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work-in-process. Manufactured and stocked in modular components, Richards-Wilcox I-Beam monorail overhead conveyor systems ensure unparalleled precision, ease of movement, and quick turnaround on fast track projects.

Richards-Wilcox Overhead conveyors
Richards-Wilcox Heavy Duty Over and Under Conveyors

OveR-Way Heavy Duty
Over and Under
Overhead Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox OveR-Way overhead conveyors combine power and free flexibility with a heavy duty over and under configuration. Utilizing the time proven effectiveness of Richards-Wilcox Zig-Zag, overhead power conveyors and the durability of two 3” toe-to-toe load channels, OveR-Way overhead conveyors are the ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work in process. Manufactured and stocked in modular components, OveR-Way overhead conveyors are pre-welded at the factory.

Richards-Wilcox Inverted Floor Mounted Conveyors

Inverted OverR-Way
Floor Mounted Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox OveR-Way Inverted Power & Free conveyors combine power and free capability with the ergonomic flexibility of floor mounted systems. Richards-Wilcox OveR-Way Inverted conveyors offer an ideal medium-capacity solution where cleanliness and/or robotic interfaces are a major requirement. Manufactured and stocked in modular components, Richards-Wilcox OveR-Way Inverted conveyors are pre-welded at the factory to ensure unparalleled precision.




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